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In the unlikely event that you feel that we haven't fulfilled your expectations please use the following complaints procedure.

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Recent Testimonials

A much-needed facility HILLSIDE CREMATORIUM is "a wonderful place to be sad" (West Briton, May 12), and as one of a minority who supported from the outset the provision of this crematorium in the face of the usual time and money wasting Nimby faction of objectors, I would like to congratulate the architects on the simple, pleasing lines of this much needed public facility, and not least the local members of staff.

That St.Julias Hospice at Hayle is their chosen local charity is most gratifying as well, and one can only hope the non-existent directional signs from the A30 will be forth-coming ASAP.


Complaints Procedure

In the unlikely event that you feel that we haven't fulfilled your expectations please familiarise yourself with Westerleigh Group’s complaints procedure here: Westerleigh Group Complaints Policy.


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